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Review: Chloe and the Colour Catcher

Written by ExTS Reviewer, Polly Crockett

Chloe and the Colour Catcher - Exeter Phoenix (17th February 2020)

Written and Directed by Nir Paldi

Bristol Old Vic Production

The audience of all ages, from the very young, a little bit older, older still and older than that, entered the auditorium and were welcomed by a member of the cast admiring the colours we are all wearing. She is amazed by the blue shoes, the red top, the yellow skirt, the pink hair band, all the colours that the children bring that fills the auditorium.

There is a cast of four including a musician who threads the whole story together with sounds and music. The characters are played by adults including Chloe (Charlotte Dubery), who lives in a land of grey. The sky is grey, the sun is grey, her clothes are grey, and her breakfast is grey. One night, she dreams of something very strange. She doesn’t understand what it is, but it makes her feel alive, and excited and happy. This is a story of imagination, encouraging the younger viewers to show off their knowledge of colours and objects. For those a little bit older, the story is about bravery and courage. And for those who are older still, this could be a story of politics, unity and understanding the power we have when we unite. For all of us it is about understanding that what makes us happy should be embraced by us all.

The production is engaging, informative and educational, but most of all it is fun! Towards the end of the show I felt that I was part of a family. The audience became members of the show, we joined in, we shouted, we punched the sky, we sang and we threw things! Together we made Chloe’s world a better place and shared our joy and imagination with each other.

Brilliantly written and produced, this hour long show captured us all. Simple use of props, seamless scene changes, and characters who we could all relate too. Dancing, songs and jokes that are bound to be repeated once back at home with mum or dad, grandparents or friends. Inspiring messages and lessons to be learned. I didn’t once feel I was watching someone else’s story, but instead felt a part of Chloe’s world - a true credit to the actors and the writer. We finished this grey story in a party of colour.

Everyone is invited to this party - you can catch Chloe and the cast as they carry on their tour. Check out the dates and location here: https://ad-infinitum.org/all-events?tag=chloe


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